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Quartz MC - DC Base Halogen Light Bulbs

Quartz minican and double contact halogen light bulbs.
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Quartz minican and DC halogen light bulbs are a popular light because they give off such a large amount of light in such a compact package. The bases are two different types, the minican or E11 is slightly smaller than chandelier light bulb bases. So they won't fit there. The threads are smaller as well. The double contact or DC is a push and turn type of lamp. These have been used in a wide variety of light fixtures including those used in high church lighting recessed cans and as instant on for HID restrike. They give off an intense light which is usually best shielded by a good fixture that breaks up the light. Be careful not to touch the glass when installing them, as the glass reacts with skin oils on your hands and will shorten quartz minican or DC lamp life.

- 2,000 hour average rated life.
- Choice of bases either minican E11 or double contact DC.
- 120 volt.

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