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Pulse Start Metal Halide Light Bulbs

Pulse start metal halide light bulbs for better energy efficiency and more light.
Pulse start metal halide light bulbs for better energy efficiency and more light.
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Pulse start metal halide light bulbs are an energy-saving version of the more standard metal halide and is perfect for retrofit or new construction. These have the same brilliant white light, only it's more energy efficient. Many people are changing lamps and ballast to this type of light because of the reduced wattage while retaining the same light output. In some areas, there are utility rebates for people to change over to this more efficient light. You might notice that the arc tube is designed differently and that the base is different from a regular metal halide. It's made that way so that you can't screw in the wrong light bulb into an existing fixture. If you do want to change to this light from another source, you will need a new ballast to accompany it. These lamps don't work on the old-style ballasts that were made for the older metal halides. Of course, you will see these used for many of the same applications which include warehouses, production facilities, security lighting and par lot lighting. It's an easy way to change a lighting system without having to sacrifice light output or have to make large-scale changes to the light fixtures. There's really nothing you need to do, except change out a lamp and a ballast. For those of you who simply need a replacement for the existing pulse start light you have now, these will give you the long life you need and meet all the performance requirements you have.

- Pure white light.
- Choice of wattage.
- Mogul base, much larger than a standard light bulb base.
- Very energy efficient.
- Clear or coated.

Metal halide and HPS light bulbs.

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