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Philips PLC28 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Panasonic FDL28 compact fluorescent light bulbs.
Price: $11.70

Philips PLC28 compact fluorescent light bulbs are a unique size and shape for a plug in type of fluorescent. The tubes are actually larger than most plug-in compact fluorescent and won't fit where some of the more standard commercial versions do. It was often adopted early for its high light output when there really wasn't anything else available in the marketplace. These are rated at 28 watt lamps and have a color temperatures of 2700K warm color like incandescent.

Product features:
- 28 watts.
- 2800K color.
- 10,000 hour life.
- PLC28/827 is the 2800K version.
- 15MM tube diameter.
- Also known as Panasonic FDL28.
Item Number: BLF10910

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