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Philips PL-T32 Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Phillips PL-T32 compact fluorescent for higher wattage CFL needs on electronic ballasts.
Price: $11.52

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Philips PL-T32 compact fluorescent is their 32 watt version of the triple tube compact fluorescent light bulb is a replacement bulb that been in use. Some of the most common wattage are listed here with a variety of colors now available for almost any lighting need. Choose the correct color temperature to match up with other lighting you may already have to give a consistent look to the space you're lighting. These Philips PL-T compact fluorescent have been used in recessed lighting, exit sign and a myriad of other applications.

Product features:
- 32 watt.
- Choice of white colors.
- 4 pins, 2 on each side.
- Philips has the looped version you see here and sometimes it's the only thing that will properly fit in the fixture.

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