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Philips PL-L Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Philips PL-L compact fluorescent light bulbs for energy efficiency and excellent color.
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Philips PL-L compact fluorescent light bulbs are much like the old small PL lamps only much larger. They are unique in that they have a 4 pin in a row construction on the base. It makes it so nothing else could really be plugged into that fixture. Some of the fixture types that use the Philips PL-L lamp include 2x2 fluorescent, pendant bowl and some cove lighting. We've even seen these used in industrial warehouse lighting for general lighting. This was used as energy saving over standard metal halide and gives a surprising amount of light into a space. With the Philips PL-L compact fluorescent, there are many options for superior light control like flood lights or wall washers used in retail. The most common colors seem to be the 4100k or the 3500k color.

- Choice of wattage in various lengths.
- 4 pins in a row for the 2G11 base.
- Philips PL-L compact fluorescent run on electronic ballasts.
- Colors to choose from including 3000K, 3500K, 4100K.

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