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Philips Philinea Light Bulbs

Philips Philinea light bulbs are a linear incandescent that flatters skin tone.
Philips Philinea light bulbs are a linear incandescent that flatters skin tone.
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Philinea light bulbs are an incandescent light source though some people mistakenly believe it to be a fluorescent type. It has two side prongs which go into a special socket. The ones shown here are the Philips variety although there really is no difference between either brand. Some of the Philips Philinea light bulbs may appear to be more frosted than white, a small difference. The Osram Linestra is sometimes described on it's packaging as opal, which would be a very accurate description. These lamps are used many times in bathrooms where a good skin tone is desired. Philinea lamps give off a wonderful light that is very flattering. The filament inside is very long which can make them vulnerable to vibration.

Product features:
- A flattering light for flesh tones.
- Totally dimmable like any incandescent lamp.
- 120 volt standard.
- Length of the 150 watt is 39 3/8 inches.
- Length of the 60 watt is 19 11/16 inches.
- Length of the 35 watt is 11 3/4 inches.

These lamps are made with the highest quality standards providing a light that's going to last for many years of everyday use. Ideal for places like bathrooms, both home and commercial, display lighting and for many types of cove lighting. This is an incandescent light source, so it operates on 120 volt. These can be used on any incandescent dimmer. These lights will work in all light fixtures made for Linestra or Philinea lamps without exception.

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