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Parabolic T5 2X2 Grid Light Fixture

Parabolic T5 2X2 grid troffer light for reduced glare in office lighting.
Parabolic T5 2X2 grid troffer light for reduced glare in office lighting.
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Number of lamps:
Parabolic T5 2X2 grid light fixtures will reduce glare in office lighting situations while giving you higher illumination into the space. It's become a common replacement for greater energy efficiency in lighting offices and commercial buildings. The deep cell parabolic grid conceals the light at critical viewing angles. It's that kind of uncontrolled light that causes what most people call glare. The fine brushed aluminum finish also helps diffuse the light and reflects the light down more than older style lensed light fixtures. It's this type of light control that can help reduce complaints about lighting especially when it comes to eyestrain. Along with increased visual comfort, you might even see an increase in productivity making it easier to justify the investment of this type of fixture. They're easy to install in new construction and are a good choice for updating old lights for better electrical efficiency. They are ready for F24T5/HO lamps and is wired with an electronic ballast, but lamps must be purchased separately. The ballast has a universal voltage of 120 / 277 volt which automatically senses the voltage you have and works properly. Along with good energy efficiency and performance, the ballast also carries a 5 year warranty.

Product features:
- Electronic ballasts designed for F24T5/HO lamps.
- Does not include lamps.
- Reduces computer screen glare in office lighting.
- Choice of 2 or 3 lamp.
- 3" deep 9 cell.
- Dimension: W = 2 feet L = 2 feet.
- 120 / 277 volt universal voltage.
Specification sheet (pdf)

An overview of parabolic light fixtures.

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