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Parabolic 2X4 Grid Light Fixture

Parabolic 2X4 grid troffer light for reduced glare in office lighting.
Parabolic 2X4 grid troffer light for reduced glare in office lighting.

Price: $89.95
Item Number: BLF11028

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Parabolic 2X4 grid light fixtures with 3 lamps are the standard for glare reduction in office lighting. It's often specified as a lower investment solution for eyestrain and glare that you might see when reading a document, reading a magazine or looking at a computer screen. When you see images of the lighting in the room on your screen, that's a problem for reading and interferes with what you're trying to do online. The deep cell parabolic grid conceals the light at critical viewing angles so it eliminates a lot of those hotspots that you might see reflecting on the screen. The louver itself is a finely brushed aluminum made to reduce and disperse light that bounces off it's surface. This finish also gives a clean, finished look for modern offices. These are ready for T8 lamps and have an electronic ballast which are standard in this light fixture. The T8 is the most common, off-the-shelf linear light source today and has good energy saving characteristics. The ballast has universal voltage of 120 / 277 volt which automatically senses the voltage you have and works properly, so you don't have to worry about which voltage you have for your next lighting project.

Product features:
- Electronic ballasts designed for T8 lamps.
- Does not include lamps.
- Reduces computer screen glare in office lighting.
- 3 lamp.
- 3" deep cell.
- Dimension: W = 2 feet L = 4 feet.
- 120 / 277 volt universal voltage ballast.
- Brushed aluminum swing down louver.
Specification sheet (pdf)

An overview of parabolic light fixtures.

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