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PAR38 Cool Beam Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

PAR38 cool beam halogen light bulbs
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PAR38 cool beam halogen floods are used in many applications where heat is a concern such as grocery or foodservice areas. This bulb will give a great light while reducing heat out the front of the lamp. They have a special interior dichroic coating which causes more heat to go out the back of the lamp. Because there is less heat on the product, there is usually less spoilage as a result. You see these use in track lighting in grocery stores over meat especially. It's hard to get the bright light you need while putting less heat on the product, but thankfully PAR38 cool beam halogen do just that.

Product features:

- 90 watts.
- Standard PAR38 shape.
- Used in grocery stores commonly but many other applications where heat from the lamp is an issue.
- Rated for indoor or outdoor use.
- Called a cool beam by most people.
- Dichroic coating on the reflector.
- 90PAR38/2FL or 2SP is a common description on the lamp itself.

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