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PAR38 Colored Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

PAR38 colored halogen flood light bulbs with heavy outdoor rated glass.
Price: $8.70

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PAR38 colored halogen flood light bulbs now come in red, green, blue and yellow for that special occasion or special lighting effect. Red, green, blue or yellow can add that special touch to any festive time. The PAR38 is commonly known as an outdoor flood light or 90PAR38, one of the most popular halogen flood lights made. They can be used outdoor or indoor or in track lighting or recessed cans. The colors are vibrant and aren't too deep or too light, they're just right for your colored lighting need. These replace higher wattage incandescent 150 watt colored lamps and so you can save energy while getting the same amount of light.

Product features:
- 90 watts.
- 5 inches across the face.
- Red, green, blue, pink, yellow or amber.

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Colored Halogen Par38 Flood lights
Barry Umansky (Toronto, ON) 5/8/2012 11:09 PM
I have bought two blue and two green of these flood lights. I live in Canada whereby they no longer sell colored/coloured Halogen flood lights. Through research, I came upon this store. First let me say that I live on the 15th floor of an apartment unit. These colours are outstanding and vibrant, especially the green. From looking up from the ground to my balcony, I was amazed as to the burst of colours that one could see so clearly and most vibrant. My balcony looked stunning and clearly stood out from every balcony on my side of building. I point the green ones to the wall of balcony and another to ceiling; the two blues are on either side of the green. The green was so sharp like lime green jello, even moreso. I have hanging plants, as well as floor ones and the coloured flood lights add a special touch to them. But let me say that the service was amazing, shipped very next day and I received within the week. The packaging was excellent to ensure no breakage. I highly recommend this store and these lights. You will not be disappointed. I am thinking of buying more.

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