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PAR36 Low Voltage Halogen Light Bulbs

PAR36 low voltage halogen flood light bulbs.
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PAR36 low voltage halogen light bulbs had been used extensively in landscape lighting which include up lighting of trees, well lighting and many other types of 12 volt applications. The 12 volt power is a standard for landscape lighting and is what you'll find most of the time. Sometimes these are used in down lights or recessed lighting in nightclubs or as a stage application. The precise beam they offer makes it a must for certain types of lighting. They have a heavy class which can withstand direct water contact with no problems.

Product features:
- Choice of 36 watt and 50 watts.
- Choice of beam spreads including wide flood, narrow spot to get the light exactly where you need it.
- For use with standard 12 volt lines.

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