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PAR36 Halogen Xenon 12 volt Light Bulbs

Price: $17.00
PAR36 halogen xenon 12 volt light bulbs are used in landscape lighting which include up lighting of trees, well lighting and many other types of low-voltage application. They have a screw terminal based in which you connect the leaves and screw them on. The 12 volt power is a standard for landscape lighting and is what you'll find most of the time. The combination of halogen and xenon gases provide a whiter light than standard halogen and definitely better than incandescent. The precise beam they offer makes it a must for certain types of lighting.

Product features:

- Choice of wattage.
- Choice of beam spreads.

PAR36 halogen xenon low voltage light bulbs.

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PAR36 halogen light bulbs.
PAR36 Halogen Light Bulbs
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PAR36 Halogen Light Bulbs
PAR36 flood light bulbs that bring whiter, brighter light to your low voltage lighting applications. These are used in a 12 volt low voltage lighting system, often used to highlight plants in landscaping.
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