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PAR20 Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

PAR20 halogen flood light bulbs, the standard for smaller light fixtures.
PAR20 halogen flood light bulbs, the standard for smaller light fixtures.
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PAR20 halogen flood light bulbs have a wattage range of 35 to 39 watts and have a characteristic shape of an indoor / outdoor flood. Many people are finding that they have them in all sorts of smaller light fixtures for display or track lighting, but they're also used for recessed lighting as well. They give off a wonderful white light which adds a sense of light and shadow that you don't get with standard incandescent lamps. The lens of the flood version has a dimpled appearance producing a smooth beam for maximum spread and the clear lens version is the spot beam. They're often listed as 35PAR20 or 39PAR20 with the corresponding beam spread at the end of each descriptive code. You'll find that they're made of heavy glass that can be used either indoors or outdoors without any problems. The reflector face is 2.5 inches, so it's a very small type of par halogen flood. The various beam spreads come in wide flood also known as WFL, narrow flood NFL and narrow spot NSP. Each one of these beam spreads serves a purpose depending on the application. If you want to get out lot of intense light on a small space, then use the narrow spot. It really makes things stand out because you have more illumination variation over background lighting. If you just want to get an evenly lighted space without a lot of shadow in between, then the wide flood would be a better choice. And of course the narrow flood is in between those two, so a lot depends on what you prefer. Operating on a 120 volt line these can provide adequate lighting in almost any kind of small light fixture as long as you honor the wattage limits.

- 35 or 39 watts.
- 2.5 inches across the face.
- Wide flood, narrow flood or narrow spot beam.
- 120 volt.

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