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PAR20 Colored Halogen Flood Light Bulbs

PAR20 colored halogen flood light bulbs in red, green, blue, amber and yellow.
Price: $9.85

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PAR20 colored halogen flood light bulbs come in a variety of colors including red, green, blue, yellow and even pink. They can add that special touch of color to any festive occasion whether it be the holidays or simply a neighborhood party. It delivers rich colors, not something light, but an unmistakable splash that defines the room. This is one of the smallest colored halogen lights on the marketplace that has a screw in household base. Because it's only 50 watts, you could use it in almost any location you wanted to as long as you could direct the light where you want it to go. Imagine jazzing up your holidays with red and green floodlights for outdoor or indoor use.

Product features:
- 50 watts.
- 2.5 inches across the face.
- Red, green, blue, amber, pink and yellow.

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