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Panasonic Replacement T10 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Panasonic T10 fluorescent light bulbs
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Panasonic replacement T10 fluorescent light bulbs are a 4 foot long replacement for older style F40T12 lamps. They have a greater light output than those, so they can brighten a room with better color rendition and maximum light in a 4 foot lamp. The original manufacturer that developed these was Panasonic and frankly it was probably some of the nicest lighting you can get at the time without having to do any kind of major retrofit. The colors were excellent and it was very bright. But this version replaces the Panasonic brand and has the same light output and the good color rendering phosphors that everybody got used to. So there's really no sacrifice in replacing from one brand to another and there really is no choice anymore, Panasonic got out of the lighting business a number of years ago. So if you want to get a higher light output without changing any ballasts and simply replacing lamps from T12 to T10, this would be the bulb you should use. We find that many people who are in retail lighting use this to increase light levels somewhere around 30%. That can be an important difference when you're trying to sell a product or increase your marketing effort with a simple light. If you have any questions about this light or anything you might use to replace old T12 fluorescent lighting, we can help you with either a retrofit or new light fixture for your current situation.

Product features:
- 4 feet long.
- 40 watts.
- 3700 lumens.
- Replacement brand.
- Lighting color temperature reference.

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