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Linestra Light Bulbs

Linestra light bulbs
Linestra light bulbs
Price: $35.94

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Linestra light bulbs are an incandescent light source though some people mistakenly believe it to be a fluorescent type. It has two side prongs which go into a special socket. They are also known as Osram Linestra or Philips Philinea light bulbs. The product shown here are the Osram variety although there really is no difference between either brand. These light bulbs give off a wonderful light that is very flattering to skin-tones so you'll often see them used in bathrooms, locker rooms or washrooms. These are rated for 1000 hours and can be dimmed like other incandescent light bulbs using a standard incandescent rotary or slide dimmer. They're easy to replace but you probably want to carefully apply light pressure to both sides of the lamp when you push them into the socket. For those of you who want a longer life version of this, we do have LED replacement versions for all three with a 50,000 hour rating. Please be aware that all manufacturers no longer make this type of incandescent Linestra light bulb and some stocks on these have dried up. We still have some of them but consider going to the LED version. If no one told you that it was LED, you wouldn't know it was and it's price point is very low now. It's a good way to get energy-efficient and then have no more problems with getting replacements.

Product features:
- A flattering light for flesh tones.
- Dimmable like any incandescent light bulb.
- 120 volt standard.
- 150 watt = 39 3/8 inches.
- 60 watt = 19 2/3 inches.
- 35 watt = 11 3/4 inches. 

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