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MR16 LED Light Bulbs

Price: $22.90
Item Number: BLF10668
MR16 LED light bulbs are a 12 volt lamp which uses LED technology in an MR16 housing. These are a replacement for the MR16's you use now as they operate off a 12 volt circuit. These have a wonderful white color which will enhance anything you might be highlighting. It could be a retail space or in your home, in either case, you get extremely long life and may not have to change bulbs for years.

Product features:
- 18 LED's in the array.
- White LED light.
- For 12 volt applications.
- 100,000 hour average rated life.
- Fits into existing MR16 sockets.
- 2 watts per bulb.
- GU5.3 base.
- MR16 LED light bulbs are very energy efficient.
MR16 LED light bulbs for a white, energy efficient light.

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