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MR16 GU10 Mesh Roundback Halogen Track Light Fixture

MR16 GU10 mesh roundback halogen track light fixtures
MR16 GU10 mesh roundback halogen track light fixtures
Price: $33.84

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MR16 GU10 mesh round back track light fixtures are popular with home or store lighting. These operate on track which is one of the related products on this page. This fixture also works with Juno track as well. Uses MR16 GU10 120 volt halogen lamps which are smaller making them great for lower ceilings and for keeping the track lighting out of the way. It's stylish look works well with most interiors and is unobtrusive in the space. Operating at 120 volt, there are no need for transformers with this fixture head and track.

Product features:
- Mesh round back track head.
- 50 watt max.
- MR16 GU10 lamp
- Dimensions (refer to drawing in the extra images above)
    A = 4 1/2"
    B = 2 3/4"
    C = 2 3/16"
- Available Finishes:
     Brushed aluminum

- Select track lighting parts in related products below to complete your system.


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