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MR16 GU10 Light Bulbs

MR16 GU10 light bulbs are used widely in many different types of lighting applications for 120 volts. You'll find them used most often in retail lighting where a whiter, intense light is desired to bring out certain highlights. The MR16 GU10 light bulbs have a 2 inch diameter at the opening of the reflector and a dichroic coating. You'll find our MR16 lamps ideal for any kind of display or for use in a home lighting situation. The rendering of light and shadow produces a dramatic effect.
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GU10 sockets for 120 volt halogen lamps.
GU10 Sockets
Price: $15.13
GU10 Sockets
MR16 GU10 base halogen light bulbs for a secure line voltage connection.
MR16 GU10 Light Bulbs
Price: $10.60
MR16 GU10 Light Bulbs
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