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MR16 120 Volt GY8 Halogen Light Bulbs

MR16 120 volt GY8 halogen light bulbs.
MR16 120 volt GY8 halogen light bulbs.
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MR16 GY8 120 volt halogen lamps are used widely in many different types of lighting applications that require this wide pin spacing. You'll find them used most often in retail lighting, but it's become common for home use as well. The reason it's so popular is because you don't need a transformer to reduce voltage to operate these lamps, they work on 120 volt circuits. You'll know the difference between these lamps and other MR16's is because of the 8mm pin spacing compared to the 12 volt version which is 5.3mm typically. The GY8 version is always 120 volt and never 12 volt, so if you're not sure, know that the wide pin spacing is associated with line voltage power sources. Other than the pin spacing, the back of the reflector of the bulb is clearly marked that it's 120 volt as well. Other than the voltage issue, it delivers the same brilliant white light that so many people like for homes and commercial spaces. The multi-mirror reflector is the same as the 12 volt version and so is the light output, so there's no sacrifice of light quality. And because these don't run on low voltage, you won't have the problems or issues with transformers in the future, there simple is no transformer needed. That's another clue to let you know that this is the bulb you need for replacement. So pin spacing, no transformer and the general MR16 shape should be what you need to know to determine the light you have.

- 120 volts.
- Choice of wattage and beam spreads.
- 8mm between pins on center.
- 2 inch diameter at the reflector opening.
- 2000 hour average rated life.

MR16 pin comparison and choosing the right product.

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