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MR11 Light Bulbs

MR11 halogen light bulbs are the small bipin reflectors that are a halogen light source delivering a high light output in compact package. They are smaller in diameter that MR16 lamps and are used in places that have very small fixtures and lighting needs. They are a favorite of retailers because of the excellent color rendition they have along with the dramatic way it lights product. They are usually 12 volt, but there are other versions such as 6 volt. A great light in any recessed lighting situation whether it's for home or business. Like other halogens, you shouldn't touch the inner bulb itself as it will shorten lamp life. If you do by accident, simply wipe if off with a cloth when it has fully cooled. These bulbs have found their way into retail lighting in things like curio cabinets or other small display applications. They have several beam spreads so you can get the optical control that you would like in your situation along with various wattages.
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