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MR11 LED Economy Light Bulbs

MR11 LED light bulbs
Price: $29.95

MR11 LED economy light bulbs are a replacement providing a 1.25 watt, 12 volt white light anywhere you use a standard MR11. These have a warm white color which will enhance anything you might be highlighting. It could be a retail space or in your home, in either case, you get extremely long life and may not have to change bulbs for years. This is a small light bulb and it just recently became available in this LED version. So finally you can get the extremely long life which is something halogen versions did not have and get great energy savings. These are often used in displays and sometimes people have fiber-optic displays that could use this. It would alleviate the need to constantly by bulbs while still getting a great light for whatever kind of light fixture it is. The next step up in size is the MR16 and it's 2 inches in diameter and it's important to know the difference between the two as people often mistake one for another. But the MR11 LED bulb always operate on a low voltage such as 12 volt so you never going to have one operating on a 120 volt circuit. If you have any questions about identifying the one you have, give us a call and we'll help you figure it out.

Product features:
- 3.5 watt LED.
- 150 lumens.
- 25,000 hour average rated life.
- Fits into existing MR11 sockets.
- G4 base.
Item Number: BLF15440

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