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MR11 Colored Halogen Light Bulbs

MR11 colored halogen light bulbs for special color effects.
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MR11 colored halogen light bulbs come in several colors for the special effects you're trying to achieve. It could be for holiday parties or could be for adding a splash of color to a display or retail lighting situation. They have a wonderful color offering a deep, rich washing of red, green, blue, orange or yellow. Color has often been used to emphasize a point that needs to be made in the world of media, so why not take that same principle to your lighted space. Imagine an area that you want people to frequent more, such as a retail store or even a point of interest, you will get more attention when you light it with color. In this type of bulb, the colors are made for very small light fixture as they have a 1.37" diameter reflector at the opening and 4mm pin spacing. It operates on 12 volt low voltage power sources so you will know if you have the capability to use this lamp. Many times, you'll see this also used in display cabinets, which gives you the opportunity to make an item stand out with color. In fact, any place where you use regular MR11 lamps, you can also you this colored version. Get creative and use these to your advantage in making a statement with a variety of colors.

- Choice of colors of red, green, blue, orange or yellow.
- 20 watt FTD flood.
- 12 volts.
- 4 mm between pins on center.
- 1.38 inch diameter at the reflector opening.
- 2000 hour average rated life.

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