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Mogul Base Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Mogul base compact fluorescent light bulbs with the large size base.
Mogul base compact fluorescent light bulbs with the large size base.
Price: $30.17
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Item Number: BLF10727

Mogul base compact fluorescent have the largest base of any compact fluorescent and provides a convenient way to retrofit mogul base fixtures. There are still some fixtures for industrial or home use that have this larger base. Sometimes people think that they have to change the base to get energy efficiency, but no longer. These have a 85 watt rating which will replace a 300 watt incandescent light bulb saving you a lot of energy.

Product features:
- 85 watts.
- 6500K full spectrum color.
- 4200 lumens.
- Excellent energy saving bulb.
- Fits in larger light sockets.
- Mogul base compact fluorescent bulbs for commercial or residential use.

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