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Metal Halide Wallpack Light Fixture

Metal Halide Wallpack Light Fixture
Metal Halide Wallpack Light Fixture
Price: $330.25
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Metal halide wallpack light fixture to provide security lighting or any other kind of illumination that requires broad, even light. The seamless, die-cast aluminum housing is standard featuring a bronze powder coat. The optical chamber is sealed to reduce dirt and insect contamination. This metal halide wallpack light fixture has a clear prismatic borosilicate glass diffuser. The color of the light is pure white which many people prefer.

Product features:
- Watts: 250, 320 or 400 watt metal halide.
- Multi-tap ballast.
- Size: W: 18 H: 9 D: 13.5 housing.
- Lamp: Includes standard metal halide lamp

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Metal halide Mini Wallpack for general area and security lighting.
Metal Halide Mini Wallpack Light Fixture
Price: $174.73
Metal Halide Mini Wallpack Light Fixture
Metal halide mini wall pack light fixture for many types of security and general lighting needs. The metal halide provides pure white light with optical control from the reflector. spacer
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