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Metal Halide Wall Pack Light Fixtures

Metal halide wall pack light fixtures are an excellent way to get good security lighting in a white light. The white color of the lamps will help video cameras and security to differentiate between colors as well as giving people a sense of safety. These have been in use for many decades with many different kinds of light sources in the past. The metal halide lamps are some of the best used today that offer energy efficiency as well as giving a high amount of illumination in an area. The metal halide wall pack light fixtures have lamps that are mounted horizontally most of the time, but some of them have a vertical or inverted mounting.  It all depends on what kind of light spread you want to get in the area. There are some wall packs of very little light control, and then there are others that have a lot of light control such as the cutoff type of fixture. These eliminate some of the glare of the people and associated with security lighting. If you have a further questions about options or variations on any of these fixtures that you see, please give us a call for more information.
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