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Metal Halide Slimline Wall Pack Light Fixture

Metal halide slimline wallpack low profile light fixture.
Metal halide slimline wallpack low profile light fixture.
Price: $233.96
Metal halide slimline wall pack light fixture is an approximately 15 inch square unit with a depth of about 7 inches. The borosilicate glass lens makes it ideal for standing up to weather and rough use and remain clear for many years to come. The seamless, die-cast aluminum housing is standard featuring a bronze powder coat. The optical chamber is sealed to reduce dirt and insect contamination.

Product features:
- 400 watt metal halide.
- Durable borosilicate glass lens with elongated ribs to break up lamp image, will not degrade under high UV conditions.
- Seamless silicon rubber gasket provides positive seal.
- HID ballast is multi-volt (120,208,240,277v) constant wattage auto regulator (CWA) high power factor (HPF).
- Produces an even, white light for better security.
- Lamp included.
Item Number: BLF10924

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