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Metal Halide Retrofit Light Bulbs - 400 Watt

Price: $103.31
Item Number: BLF10179
Metal halide retrofit light bulbs came out many years ago to replace the yellow color of high pressure sodium. These were designed to operate on a standard 400 watt high-pressure sodium ballast. What makes it so great is that you can retain the same ballast you use now and not have to change them at all. That will save you labor and the cost of the ballast. It's never been easier to change that ugly yellow light to a pure white light and imagine what that will do to productivity and a feeling of well-being. If you work in a warehouse where colors are important, then these lamps would be very helpful in determining those colors.

Product features:
- Operates 400 watt HPS ballasts.
- Changes yellow HPS light to white metal halide lighting.
Metal halide retrofit light bulbs change yellow HPS to white metal halide.

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