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Metal Halide PAR30 6" Recessed Light Fixture Non-IC

Price: $372.83
Metal halide PAR30 6 inch recessed light fixture is an ideal choice for getting white light and maximum light output. At ratings from 39 to 100 watt metal halide. Great general light source for retail, office or home. This is a new construction version and is not made for direct contact with insulation designated by Non-IC label. Metal halide PAR30 lamps are very energy efficient and create intense light that is often good for retail lighting.

Product features:
- Lamps NOT included.
- Non-IC, NOT for direct contact with insulation.
-Wattage configurations:
   39W PAR30 / ED17
   70W PAR30 / ED17
   100W PAR30 / ED17
- 120V or 277V
- Electronic ballast
- UL, cUL listed for damp location and feed through wiring.
- J-box has eight 1/2" knockouts, concentric 1/2", 3/4" knockouts, and eight non-metallic cable knockouts with strain clamps.
- Adjustable socket for proper positioning of different lamp types.
- Mounting bracket provides up to 5" vertical adjustment.
- Mounting bracket accommodates 1/2" EMT conduit.
- Adjusts to accommodate up to 1 1/4" ceiling thickness.


Metal halide PAR38 8 inch recessed light fixture Non-IC
Metal halide PAR38 8 inch recessed light fixture Non-IC

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