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Metal Halide Light Bulbs - Mogul Base by Wattage

Metal halide light bulbs with a mogul base are arranged here by wattage. These are the standard metal halide that have been commonly used in warehouses, high bay applications, sports lighting and high mast lights. Operates typically on standard core and coil ballasts, which operate on many various voltages. These are very energy-efficient and deliver an excellent amount of illumination for whatever kind of application you may have whether it be general illumination or something more directed.  All the major brands make them including General Electric, Sylvania and Philips as well as many third-party manufacturers. Metal halide light bulbs with the mogul base will continue to be used in many applications where good light control is needed and energy efficiency is desired. We also carry other kinds of accessories that go with these lamps including fixtures and sockets, let us know if you have any questions about those.
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