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Metal Halide Industrial Light Fixtures

Metal halide light fixtures come in many different varieties for all kinds of applications that you might run into whether you have an industrial facility or simply using them in the home situation. These are very energy-efficient and come with standard metal halide and pulse start metal halide lamps. White light is what most people preferring that comes to certain kinds of lighting especially when it comes to lights and a plant or an office building, and that is what these fixtures provide. These have good color rendition and they're electrically efficient plus they have a very long life compared to other kinds of fixture and lamp combinations. These are also used in security lighting and wall packs because of the good color that it provides for security cameras. Metal halide light fixtures have ballasts that have a multi-tap ballast so you can operate several different voltages depending on what voltage you have. The light spread on these fixtures is excellent and some of the ones that are clear eliminate the cave effect that many buildings have. If you have any questions about these fixtures or anything else you see on our web site, please give us a call to get more information.
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Metal halide high bay light fixture for many types of general lighting needs over 20 feet.
Metal Halide High Bay Light Fixture 16"
Price: From $177.18 to $246.10
Metal Halide High Bay Light Fixture 16"
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