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Metal Halide Horizontal Burn Light Bulbs

Metal halide horizontal burn position light bulbs.
Price: $23.57

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Metal halide horizontal burn light bulbs are used in many applications like warehouses, security and other types of places where a lot of light is desired. They have a brilliant white light which is also very energy efficient. The horizontal burn position has more light output and works properly in those kinds of light fixtures. Be aware that metal halide light bulbs mogul base must be run with a correct ballast and fixture that is matched for the wattage. These have been in service for many years as a general lighting source, but they are used for so much more now. Many applications also include security, aquariums, plant growth and more.

Product features:

- Pure white light.
- Mogul base.
- Very energy efficient.
- Clear.
- Made to operate horizontally in a light fixture.
- Often designated at MS175/HOR, MS250/HOR or MS400/HOR and so on.

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