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Metal Halide Flood Light Fixtures

Metal halide flood light fixtures are used in a variety of general building lighting applications. For security, parking areas or just general lighting for any number of large spaces, these white lights are a good choice because of energy efficiency and the ability to differentiate colors. For security, they work well with camera systems, making them one of the best choices in each HID lighting. These metal halide flood light fixtures give you the optical control you need for any number of areas in your commercial building. Of course, these can also be used in home lighting situation or agricultural, farm areas. Call us if you have any questions about these fixtures on how to apply them.
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Extra large metal halide flood light fixture with white metal halide light.
Extra Large Metal Halide Flood Light Fixture
Price: From $516.60 to $641.79
Extra Large Metal Halide Flood Light Fixture
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