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Metal Halide Encased F-Can Ballast Kit

Metal halide F-can ballasts.
Price: From $95.67 to $172.26

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Metal halide encased F-can ballast kits are often needed to replace ballasts that have gone bad. You get everything you see here to make a complete repair all contained within the f-can casing. These come in multitap voltage of 120 or 277 volt. These will work with GE, Sylvania, Philips or any other metal halide lamp. Metal halide F-can ballast kits are the proper replacement when a simple lamp change yields no result. The ballast is often used in remote ballast situations or recessed lighting.

- Universal voltage of 120 or 277 volt.
- For 70, 100, 150, 175, 250 or 400 watt metal halide lamps.
- Full light output.
- Remote wiring possible.
- Metal halide F-can ballast kits with the familiar configuration like fluorescent ballasts.

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