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Mercury Vapor PAR38 Light Bulbs

Mercury vapor PAR38 light bulbs are used in landscaping and for outdoor lighting.
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Mercury vapor PAR38 light bulbs have a reflector with an opaque black back. It's often used in landscape lighting where the light source needs to be hidden as much as possible. This mercury vapor operates on a specific ballast for the 100 watt version. These are much more efficient than standard incandescent lamps but it does give you a white or light and is great for areas like outdoors where a white light will work better.

Product features:

- PAR38 reflector.
- Admedium or medium base.
- 100 watts.
- 4.75 inch diameter face.
- black back reflector.
- Requires a ballast.
- H44GS/100.
- Mercury vapor R40 light bulbs are often used in landscape lighting.

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