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Lumiline Light Bulbs

Price: Discontinued
Item Number: BLF11293
Lumiline light bulbs are an incandescent light which can be used in furniture, bathrooms or display for older types of fixtures. This type of lamp goes back up to 60 years ago when it was commonly used in high end homes. They have a disk end which go into a special socket with an endcap that makes the connection. These lamps are used many times in bathrooms where a good skin tone is desired. Lumiline light bulbs give off a wonderful light that is very flattering and come in both a white and a clear version. The wattage varies from 30, 40 and 60 watt. The 40 watt version is the shortest and the 30 and 60 watt are the same length.

Product features:
- 120 volt standard.
- Length of the 40 watt is 11 3/4 inches. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
- Length of the 30 watt is 17 3/4 inches. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
- Length of the 60 watt is 17 3/4 inches. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
- White coated or clear glass.

GE Lumiline light bulbs

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Lumiline end caps for the disk end lumline lamps.
Lumiline End Caps
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Lumiline End Caps
Lumiline end caps are the holders for the disk end lumiline light bulbs, it will replace those broken caps in older fixtures. spacer
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