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Low Voltage Light Bulbs

Low voltage light bulbs can be anything from a standard looking bulb to a halogen source of lighting, even compact fluorescent. The designation low voltage can be almost any voltage that is less than our American standard of 120 volts. Many time they are 12 volt, but there are also 24 volt and even 6 volt in the case of some of the halogen lamps. No matter what you have, the voltage you have needs to be compatible otherwise you might get short life or a lower light output from the bulb. Call us if you have any questions about low voltage light bulbs or what light fixtures you may have that use them.
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ALR56 12 volt halogen light bulbs are used many times in display applications or cases.
ALR56 12 Volt Halogen
Price: $16.86
ALR56 12 Volt Halogen
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