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Low Voltage MR16 Remodel Recessed Light Fixture Non-IC

Low voltage 4 inch remodel recessed MR16 light fixture
Low voltage 4 inch remodel recessed MR16 light fixture
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Low voltage MR16 remodel recessed light fixture is an ideal choice for using MR16 halogen 12 volt lamps. The recessed lighting effect reduces glare for homes and office lighting. These have a finished look when combined with the mandatory trim selection you must make with this fixture. This is a new construction version and is not made for direct contact with insulation designated by Non-IC label.

Product features:
- Lamps NOT included.
- Ceiling Cut-Out: 4-3/8 in.
- Plaster Frame: 5-3/4 x 8
- Lamp: Max (1) 12V, 50W MR16.
- Lamp Base: 2-pin GU5.3
- 120V Magnetic Transformer.
- UL, cUL listed for use in damp locations.
- Integral thermal protector guards against misuse of insulation materials and improper lamping.
- 120V magnetic transformer steps line voltage down to lamp operating voltage.
- J-box is listed for eight (4in - 4out) No. 12AWG (90 degrees C) through-branch circuit conductors and has five 1/2 in., one 3/4 in. and four Romex knockouts with true pry out slots.
- Knockouts include built in strain relief - no additional clamps required.
- Pre-installed hanger bars allow housing to be positioned at any point within 24 in. joist span. Score lines provided for easy field shortening to accommodate 12 in. joist span.
- Hanger bars can easily be field repositioned 90 degrees on the plaster frame.
- Hanger bars are designed to fit on to T-Bar spine for quick alignment and can be permanently secured without the need for additional clips.
- Dimmer magnetic transformer (if you want to use a dimmer, it must be suitable for use with magnetic load).
- Housing adjusts for ceilings up to 1-3/8 in. thick.
- 5-1/2 in. height allows for use in 2 in. x 6 in. joist construction.
- 2-year warranty.
- When dimming fixtures with magnetic transformers, you must use a dimmer rated for use with magnetic transformer.

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