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Loading Dock Lights

Loading dock lights are used on truck docks to bring illumination into the long semi trailers. The need is great as so little light often reaches the end of an enclosed trailer. For safety reasons and productivity, it's important to have proper illumination. The strudy arm swings to adjust the light to best bring light to any loading configuration. It can use a high wattage of incandescent or metal halide lighting which will bring adequate amounts of light down into the corridor of a truck trailer. Loading dock lights are an essential for any business which does a lot of loading and unloading of heavy trucks. There are probably other ways these can be used in an industrial situation where you want keep the light against a wall and only swing it out as needed.
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LED loading dock light fixture
LED Loading Dock Light Fixture
Price: $315.59
LED Loading Dock Light Fixture
LED Loading dock light fixture that uses 16 watts of bright LED's that have a center beam candlepower of 7000. A flexible arm swings into position to provide adequate lighting.
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