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Linestra Light Sockets

Linestra light sockets for side prong linestra and philinea lamps.
Linestra light sockets for side prong linestra and philinea lamps.
Price: $20.65

Linestra sockets are a standard replacement when this socket ages and needs to be changed. These fit both the Osram Linestra the Philips Philinea type lamps. They have mounting holes at the base of the socket itself and are typically changed in pairs as most of these lamps come with the double side prong. The 250 volt rating will take care of any voltage under that including 120 volt standard power here in the US. These will work on all types of linestra type lighting and the wattage associated with them. It doesn't matter if you have 150 watt, 60 watt or 35 watt, the prongs ends will fit in these sockets. The construction is sturdy made from a rigid plastic material that won't bend or twist. People often ask us if they can use these as freestanding sockets as a light fixture. It's not something that would be UL listed, therefore it would be better to use a complete Linestra light fixture that we also have listed on our website. It's always important to be safe and that includes electrically in your home or commercial building. A question people ask us about these is can I use these with the new LED Linestra? The answer to that is yes, it is compatible with those as well.

Product features:
- Linestra or Philinea light sockets.
- 250 volt rating.
- Used for 35, 60 or 150 watt Linestra.
- White.
- Heavy duty construction.
- Mainly used for replacement, but can be used on a new installation.
Item Number: BLF10507

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