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LED PAR20 Flood Light Bulbs

Price: $30.02
LED PAR20 flood light bulbs are a replacement for other types of PAR20 lamps using far less watts. These are very energy efficient and the latest LED technology with higher light output. Retail users will enjoy the broad wash of light for many different areas that they may have. These consume only 7 watts of electricity making them extremely energy-efficient for places that have a lot of lights and need to cut down on their electric bill.

Product features:
- 25,000 average rated life.
- Medium Base.
- 430 lumens.
- 7 Watts
- Dimmable.
- Voltage: 120v
- Choice of light color.
- Choice of beam spread.
- Lighting color temperature reference.
LED PAR20 flood light bulbs.
LED PAR20 flood light bulbs.

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Light color:
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