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LED Diecast Exit Sign

Price: From $64.82 to $121.03
LED die-cast exit sign is the perfect choice for a brushed metallic look for any egress you have. The sturdy construction along with it's clean lines means it will look great for many years to come with very little maintenance. It's also good for areas like industrial because it has a damp location listing. This LED die-cast exit sign can be an architecturally pleasing look to any building that you may have.

Product features:
- AC only or self-powered models.
- Universal 120/277 VAC operation on all models.
- LED energy savings.
- Damp location rated.
- Universal canopy included.
- Curved design.
- Spec Grade.
- Universal K/O chevrons.
LED Diecast Exit Sign
LED Diecast Exit Sign

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LED Edge Lit Exit Sign
Price: From $118.95 to $153.70
LED Edge Lit Exit Sign
LED edge lit exit sign offering precise engineering for architectural excellence to truly enhance interior spaces. It makes architectural statement by it's trim profile.
LED emergency exit sign
LED Emergency Exit Sign
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LED exit sign retrofit kits.
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LED small emergency exit sign for trusted lighting of exits.
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LED Small Emergency Exit Sign Light
LED small emergency exit sign is a combination of energy saving LED exit and emergency lighting unit in a more compact design. It's easy to install and provides the correct light for people needing to find an exit.
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