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KX2000 Xenon Light Bulbs

KX2000 xenon light bulbs for a whiter light in several size bases for home or commercial.
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KX2000 xenon light bulbs are a natural replacement for halogen lamps. They give a white light like halogen but without the UV that some people are trying to avoid. You can touch them with your hands when installing, so they won't have a shortened life. The bulb has a rounded capsule and comes in four different bases. The medium base is the same size as a regular household base. The E12 candelabra base is the same as chandelier bulbs. The double contact base is what a lot of people call push and turn and the E11 or minican base is just slightly smaller than the candelabra. These are mounted in porcelain as a heatsink but you want to be careful taking them out because they can be quite hot when lit.

Product features:
- 3,000 hour average rated life.
- Several base choices E12, E11, DC and E26.
- Frosted or clear.
- You can touch the lamp with your hands.
- Same bright white light as a halogen using pure xenon gas.
- Fully dimmable without loss of performance.
- Ideal for various home and commercial applications such as chandeliers, vanities, portables, wall mounts, sconces and outdoor fixtures.

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