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KX2000 Xenon Light Bulbs

KX2000 xenon light bulbs for a whiter light in several size bases for home or commercial.
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KX2000 xenon light bulbs are a natural replacement for halogen lamps. They give a white light like halogen but without the UV hazards. You can touch them with your hands when installing, so they won't have a shortened life. These KX2000 light bulbs are often used in bathrooms behind translucent coverings. Many times people think these are halogen but they're not. Notice that the bulb has a rounded top unlike halogen bulbs. The KX2000 xenon can be used almost anywhere a whiter color is desired.

- 3,000 hour average rated life.
- Several base choices.
- Frosted or clear.
- You can touch the lamp with your hands.
- KX2000 xenon light bulbs are a natural halogen replacement.

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