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KX2000 E11 Base Xenon Light Bulbs

KX2000 E11 base xenon light bulbs.
KX2000 E11 base xenon light bulbs.
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KX2000 E11 base xenon light bulbs are a natural replacement for halogen lamps with a white light like halogen but without the UV hazards. These have an E11 mini-candelabra (MC) base and will work in virtually any chandelier or bathroom lighting fixtures out in the market. These KX2000 E11 base light bulbs are often used in bathrooms behind translucent coverings. Many times people think these are halogen but they're not. Notice that the bulb has a rounded top unlike halogen bulbs. The KX2000 xenon can be used almost anywhere a whiter color is desired accompanied by a slight reduction in energy use.

- 3,000 hour average rated life.
- Frosted or clear.
- E11 mini-candelabra (MC) base.
- KX2000 E11 xenon light bulbs are a perfect halogen replacement.

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