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High Pressure Sodium Retrofit Light Bulbs

High pressure sodium retrofit light bulbs make it easy to get more light.
Price: From $94.92 to $140.54

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High pressure sodium retrofit light bulbs are designed to go into exist in mercury vapor or metal halide light fixtures and ballasts. It means that you can double your light output over mercury vapor without changing fixtures, therefore saving big dollars on a retrofit. All you have to do is change the lamp to this high pressure sodium retrofit! It's as easy as a simply light bulb maintenance change and get more than double the light you had before.

Product features:
- High pressure sodium retrofit light bulbs work on existing mercury vapor ballasts and fixtures.
- More than double the light output.
- Very energy efficient.
- Mogul base.
- Clear.
- 150 watt replaces 175 watt mercury vapor lamp.
- 220 watt replaces 250 watt mercury vapor lamp.
- 360 watt replaces 400 watt mercury vapor lamp.
- 940 watt replaces 1000 watt mercury vapor lamp.

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