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High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs - Medium Base

High pressure sodium light bulbs with medium base of all wattages.
Price: $16.01

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High pressure sodium light bulbs with a medium base have what people typically call a yellow color. They're used in security lighting, roadway, recessed lighting and flood light fixtures. You've probably seen them in wallpack outdoor lighting where energy efficiency is very important. If you need a light fixture that uses these, they are sometime labeled as HPS lamps as well. One of the things to look for when you need to replace these is when you see cycling on and off. That means the bulb is requiring more voltage than the ballast can supply and when it cools down it re-lights because it doesn't require as much voltage. But once it gets up to sustained light it degrades and requires more voltage. That's when you know you need to replace the bulb, it's not a ballast problem. But get it replaced soon so that it doesn't keep cycling on and off which can cause ballast problems in the future. It's a very reliable light and is been used in many applications to get that golden white color and save energy. Although many people have replace these with metal halide or LED, they still have a place in many types of security lighting and will continue to in the coming years. The median base is a standard household light bulb base but you can't use these in incandescent light fixtures, they have to have a ballast that is made for high-pressure sodium and the socket also needs to be rated for an HID lamp.

Product features:

- A golden white or yellowish light.
- Very energy efficient.
- Medium base same as a household light bulb base.
- Clear or coated.
- High pressure sodium light bulbs from many manufacturers.

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