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High Pressure Sodium Light Bulbs - HPS

High pressure sodium light bulbs of all wattages.
High pressure sodium light bulbs of all wattages.
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High pressure sodium light bulbs are an energy efficient bulb that have what people typically call a yellow or amber color. They're used in warehouse lighting, roadway and security lighting such as par lot lights and flood light fixtures. Because of it's energy savings and long life, they've been specified by engineers for the low maintenance they require. They come in a wide variety of wattage from 35 to 1000 watt, but they all operate on different ballasts. It's important that the ballast you have is made for the wattage you select, if it's not, it won't work properly. People often ask, how do I know when the light needs to be replaced? That's easy, when you see the light cycling on and off every couple of minutes that means the light needs to be replaced. When the cycling occurs, it means the bulb is as for more voltage than the ballast can supply and then cuts off. HPS lamps degrade over time and require more voltage triggering the cycling effect. For people that need something that is white or more color correct, you might want to consider switching to metal halide or LED light fixtures. Replacement ballasts for high pressure sodium are readily available if you need to replace those as part of your maintenance program. If you have any questions about lamp replacement of proper application of this item, please call or e-mail us.

- A golden white or amber light.
- Very energy efficient.
- Medium or mogul base.
- Clear or coated.
- Wide variety of wattage available.

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