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Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs come in many different configurations including all the different types of flood light bulbs, bipin, MR11, MR16 and many more.  You will find all the different types that you might be looking for here and you'll find that these have a longer lasting life than what you might see in a hardware superstore.  Some of the most popular are the Sylvania Capsylite halogen light bulbs which were some of the original versions of this category.  These bulbs have a higher light output in standard incandescent and are considered energy efficient, but they have a great light output that many people like including retailers, homeowners and building owners.

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DJD GU10 halogen light bulbs with twist lock base.
DJD GU10 Light Bulbs
Price: $10.00
DJD GU10 Light Bulbs
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