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GE Triple Biax Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

GE triple biax compact fluorescent llight bulbs.
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GE triple biax compact fluorescent light bulbs are a replacement bulb that have been developed for many kinds of fixtures. Many buildings required more light in recessed lighting and other types of light fixtures, so these were made to fill that need. Some of the most common wattage are listed here with a variety of colors now available for almost any lighting need. Choose the correct color temperature to match up with other lighting you may already have to give a consistent look to the space you're lighting. These bulbs are also very energy efficient and replace much higher wattage incandescent bulbs. Where there is need for energy savings in a small size, the GE biax does the job. Sometimes these are also called Dulux-T in the Sylvania brand or the Philips PL-T lamps.

Product features:
- Choice of wattage up to 70 watts.
- 4 pins, 2 on each side
- Color temperatures of 3000K, 3500K and 4100K

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