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GE PulseArc Metal Halide Light Bulbs

GE PulseArc metal halide bulbs that are more energy efficient than standard versions.

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Price: $34.61
Item Number: BLF10495

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GE PulseArc metal halide light bulbs for replacement or some of the fixtures we provide. These have a brilliant white light which is also very energy efficient, so much so that people are changing out existing metal halide systems that are older. They're often used in color critical areas where the yellow color of high pressure sodium simply won't do. These lamps can be typically burned in almost any position and the medium base is the same physical size as a regular light bulb base. Be aware that GE Pulsearc metal halides must be run with a correct pulse start ballast and fixture that is matched for the wattage. Many electric utilities have rebate programs that create an incentive to switch over to more efficient lighting.

- Pure white light.
- Mogul base, much larger than a standard light bulb base.
- Very energy efficient.
- GE PulseArc metal halide bulbs for high light output and better energy efficiency than standard metal halides.

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